Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hd wallpapers for iphone 5

How lame is the default wallpaper of the planet Earth on the iPhone. Why not replace that background with something more personal? Let’s get started on how we do this on our iPhones,
  • Click the home button to go to the main menu. Then click on Settings
  • In the Settings screen click on Wallpaper
  • You have a choice of options:
  • Wallpaper will take you to Apple's preloaded range of Wallpapers. To switch to a new one, click on its thumbnail image
  • Camera Roll lets you select from any photos you have taken with the camera. Select the one you want by tapping it
  • Photo Library (and any photo folders you have created) lets you pick from any photo you have synced with your iPhone. Select the one you want by tapping it
  • Once you have selected the photo, you can drag your finger to move it into the position you want and use the finger-thumb pinch to zoom it in or out. When it looks right click on Set Wallpaper
I have been working full time so that means my spare time is at a minimum right now! Stayed tuned for more though! :)

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