Wednesday, June 19, 2013

blackberry 9900 themes

Due to lack of TB7 support, the icons in your folders in custom themes will not show. But don't worrry they are still there. Use universal search, move your icons out of the folders, or use an app like AOSLED to gain access to your apps.

We all need a little cutesie in our lives and so here you have Bubbly Zebra!! Super cute zebra icons in purple/pink, cute font, and of course a ws. This will make your BlackBerry colorful and cute!
Icons made by @lucys_ma_name

Hidden dock +/-

Color options
  • 1 = white
  • 2 = purple
  • 3 = pink
Support: BlackBerry 9900
Design Themes:  hamsterwheel

Free download

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