Sunday, October 13, 2013

Change Contrast on ios 7

One of the most disliked features by many of the new upcoming iOS 7 is the translucent panels. It can make text harder to read, makes distracting multicolored rainbows all over your screen, and can look just plain ugly in certain parts of the OS.index4 Change Contrast on ios 7

Steps To Switch On ‘Increase Contrast

Settings  >  General  >  Accessibility  >  Increase Contrast  >  Switch to ‘On’.

How to Camera on iphone ios 7index3 Change Contrast on ios 7
  • Access different capture modes — still, video, panorama and square — with a simple swipe. New filters allow you to customize your photos like you would on Instagram, directly on iPhone.
  • Filters can be removed at any time, and your original photo will still be in tact. Some features limited to certain iOS devices.
How to Photos on iphone ios 7

  • The app now groups your photos based on time and place — into Collections, Moments and Years. The latter of the three shows every single photo you’ve taken in an entire calendar year, in a large collage.index1 Change Contrast on ios 7
How to safari on iphone ios 7index49 Change Contrast on ios 7
  • The mobile web browsing app has been revamped with a new user interface that disappears while you are surfing the web
  • Unified smart search field
  • New tab view
  • Reading List with seamless strolling
  • Shared links
  • iCloud keychain for account names, passwords, credit card numbers, Wi-Fi network passwords
  • Password generator — Safari can generate a unique, hard-to-guess password automatically
How to sharing application photos, videos, contacts on iphone ios 7
  • Allows you to share photos, videos, contacts and other content with nearby iOS users, done automatically over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, by simply tapping the Share button in apps that support this feature. The file transfers are encrypted.

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